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Give your child access to qualified
teachers and Holistic Learning, to
convert him/her into a scientific
thinker, problem solver, innovator;
without burning him/her out.

Not Just STEM, we offer STREAMM.
Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, Math, and Mental Health

Complete STEM Ecosystem
STEM Courses, Products, Teachers, and an online platform that makes it
experiential and customised to your child’s learning journey

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caters to
all the needs of facilitators, to conduct engaging and interactive classes, with embedded quizzes and sound analytics


We offer a bouquet
of STEM based courses.
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Ranging from the Young Chronicle
Newspaper, Virtual Reality to
Interactive Videos


From Lab to Home Kits,
to Robotic Kits
to Puppetry kits to
Folk Art Kits

The Unique Courses Offered on Our Platform

Course Categories

Science Experiment
Get Published
Young Leadership Programe

The Young Chronicle News For Kids

What is Greenwashing and Why is it Harmful?

Deepika Shiva kumar

What Causes Headache?

Dr Nikita Agrawal

Breaking the Code in Peru

Lathika Saxena

Rare Black Tiger

Deepika Shiva kumar

Customer Testimonials

Parent of Ananya Kohil

The creative writing workshop conducted by STEM Metaverse helped my daughter hone her skills in this field. It was a perfect mix of individual and interactive sessions, which provided her an opportunity to interact with other "budding" writers and also receive inputs and guidance from the co-ordinator, Ms. Ritika. Last but not the least, the stories created by the children were painstakingly put together in the form of a book, which certainly meant a lot.

Dr. Arup Sengupta

Publishing a book by the child writers is not a very easy job . Children are born with enormous ideas and you are successful in nurturing the children to bring out the best out of them and it’s really praiseworthy. You did it with utmost love, care and dedication. You deserve our heartfelt and sincere gratitude for your wonderful job.

Dr. Arup Sengupta

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We are always happy to help !

Ritika Amit Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

Varun Mishra

Chief Technology Officer

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